Hussam Juma Mohammed

Director of Service Innovation and Enterprise Architecture at Dubai Customs, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Innovation in Enterprise Architecture


Innovation in Enterprise Architecture, Process Management and Capability Management is a major source of strategic advantage and economic benefit, that ensures growth in the value of Dubai Customs. These practices were developed and became widely accepted when executives realized they are of great value to the organization. They are an important corporate resource that if built and consumed properly will lead to improving the organization’s competitiveness. As a consequence of the growth in these practices, the culture of innovation developed, thus providing additional tools for practitioners. The approach we took in Dubai customs to implementing Enterprise Architecture and other best practices allowed us to establish a model for other organizations in the pursuit of organization excellence. Our approach to is based on the integration of multiple complementing practice areas to ensure the highest level of effectiveness. The practice areas are:

  • Innovation Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Capability Management
  • Process Management
At the heart of the overall approach is what we call the “Enterprise Connected View” (ECV) which is an information repository that connects information about various aspects of the organization to provide the basis for evaluating the impact of proposed changes on the organization from people, process, technology and information perspectives.

Short Bio

The tenaciousness and ambitious nature of Hussam Juma as the Director of Innovation Management and Enterprise Architecture has led to many success stories in establishing competitive advantage. Hussam is a senior level professional having worked across various industries in both the public and private sector. His 19+ years professional experience spans business and IT transformation, service innovation, strategic decision support and more. In his 10 years tenure at Dubai Customs he has applied his extensive knowledge in leveraging Enterprise Architecture to align enterprise capabilities with corporate strategic objectives. His contributions were critical to the transformation of the organization through implementing the practices of Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management as well as Innovation Management. He owns the Enterprise Connected View, which is considered the holistic source of truth connecting all aspects of Dubai Customs. Hussam’s contributions were recognized by top organizations such as Dubai Government Excellence Program for Innovation Management, GInI for Innovation Management, Forrester for Enterprise Capability, The Open Group for the Enterprise Connected View, Zachman-International for Business Transformation, ISPIM for Innovation Management, ICMG for Enterprise Architecture as well as the United Nations. Recently he was awarded The President’s Award in the category Outstanding Innovation by The Open Group. Hussam Stands out as a significant contributor to the discipline of Enterprise Architecture. He is a positive example for others and has demonstrated a key role in the success of Dubai Customs’ Enterprise Transformation journey. Hussam has been chosen by the Dubai Government Executive Council to lead Dubai Customs’ Innovation Team. Through his continuous improvements to products and services offered by Dubai Customs where he contributed to revenue increases, cost savings, efficiency gains, customer satisfaction and trust, thereby enhancing Dubai’s competitiveness as a country and accelerating the adoption of Smart Governance. He is also an Innovation Leader at the Dubai level where he is a major contributor to establishing a standard for Service Excellence at the government level. He is the Dubai Customs ambassador for transforming the organization to the One Government vision by leading the Smart Government Transformation.

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