Sean Wang

Title: Data Analysis with Guided Exploration


Data analytics is experiencing two changes. Firstly, the data used in analysis is changing from mostly domain-specific data to data from multiple, often unfamiliar, sources; and secondly, data analysis practitioners are changing from only computer scientists or statisticians and other technical experts to experts in the application domains. It has therefore become increasingly important to provide data exploration tools that will help (or guide) the user in their analytics tasks. This talk will discuss the possibility in providing such tools and introduce a couple of preliminary attempts.

Short Bio

Sean Wang is Professor at the School of Compute Science at Fudan University, China. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. Before joining Fudan University in 2011, he was the Dorothean Chair Professor in Computer Science at the University of Vermont. He has also served as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation. He has published widely in the general area of databases and information security, and was a recipient of the US National Science Foundation Research Initiation and CAREER awards. He’s a current a Chief Editor for the Springer Journal of Data Science and Engineering and an associate editor of Geoinformatica, the Springer WWW journal, and a number of Chinese language technical journals. He was a past associate editor of IEEE TKDE, and a current member of the IEEE ICDE Steering Committee and IEEE BigComp Steering Committee.

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